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February is a special month for me because it’s the month that made me a mom back in 1986.  Raising Derek was a journey I would do over and over again.  I loved being a boy mom, it was full of fun and frustration, lots of adventures and learning.  Maybe an older me might have done a few things in a different way (sometimes our kids survive in spite of us, right?) but I think Derek turned out to be just perfect.  He has a wonderful wife and two absolutely adorable children, and that’s alright by me!  I hope his birthday month was filled with all of his wishes.

And Valentine’s Day!  Well, since we tend to think of our hearts on V-Day, did you know that farm raised, free range eggs are more heart healthy than store bought?  It is true! 
Compared to factory eggs (and that is a rant for another day) they contain less saturated fat, more Vitamins A, E, D and B, more beta-carotene and omega-3 fatty acids.  They are also a good source of antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin.   Not only are they better for you, they taste better!  Crack open a farm fresh egg and the reward is a dark yolk and a healthy white, not pale and runny.  So when shopping for eggs – find a local farmer and support their livelihood while you support your own health – it’s worth the extra effort. 

Here’s a little peek into my home décor:  I love to purchase little baskets and buckets from thrift stores and flea markets. 


They make wonderful displays for my farm eggs and look lovely in my kitchen. 

The various colors of eggs come from the different breeds of chickens.  The darkest brown, almost red ones are from French Copper Marans, the blue ones are from Cream Legbar Chickens, and the tan ones come from Barred Rocks and Orpington Chickens.  The colors of off white, light brown, olive, and light green are from mixes of these breeds. 

And this wacky weather!  Wow what a roller coaster ride, and looks like it will continue into March.   Some days were very wet, some cold, some wet and cold.  Then there were those wonderful sunny days that called up the daffodils and had the creek frogs singing their song.  Glorious!   As we roll into spring things are getting busy here on the farm.  Lots of cleaning out of barns and stalls, seeds are ordered and waiting patiently to be planted, and kids! 


Yes, the goats have started kidding with some flashy little myotonic babies.  So fluffy and soft.  So far the Fainting goats have blessed us with five beautiful kids that are growing fast and frolicking in the pasture.  They are such a joy to watch and I honestly believe my stress level just plummets when cuddling these little cuties.  I love to share this joy with my friends and neighbors, so if you are in my neck of the woods, come cuddle a kid!


Wake up sleepy-head, stretch out those winter bones, take a walk and look forward to March, and spring in full force and all that brings.  Are your trees starting to bud?  Do the birds sing a little brighter?  Any brave little flowers poking up yet? 


Soon to be covered in bright yellow blooms!

Oh!  I almost forgot about my bees!  Last year I set up two hives, did all the things to make them comfy through the winter.  I didn’t collect their first year honey, they got fed extra sugar water when all the blooms faded, and they were in a dry, protected space.  When I checked on them in January, there was zero activity – notta single buzz.  It was a really cold winter, surely they just weren’t strong enough to survive.  Well – low and behold, the first warm day in February, and out came the girls!  You can’t imagine how excited I was to see that activity!  Hopefully, this year we will be able to collect some Magick Moon Farm honey. 

Now, won’t that bee sweet!



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