Myotonic (Fainting) Goats

Myotonic, Fainting Goats, Tennessee Fainters, Stiff Leg Goats - this breed is known by many names that make reference to its ability to "faint" or lock up.  This happens when the goat is startled, making a sudden jump, or just gets excited.  This goat has a recessive gene that causes their skeletal muscles lock up, sometimes making the goat fall over.  They do not actually faint, and remain conscious during this brief period. 

Myotonic goats are hearty, disease and parasite resistant, and easily contained.  They make lovely pets and when socialized can be both friendly and charming.  They are, however quite susceptible to predators because they do tend to fall down and loose their ability to run when frightened. 

They are a stocky breed, primarily bred for meat production but can also be milked and some produce quite a lot of fiber. Myotonic goats come in many shapes and sizes.  Magick Moon Farm goats tend to be smaller and have longer hair than some others. Myos will be registered with Myotonic Goat Registry (MGR).

In addition to standard myotonics, Magick Moon will soon be breeding Mini Silkies.  Mini Silkie Fainting Goats are a breed that is currently in development.  They are small with an abundance of straight hair, similar to a terrier dog.  Some faint easily and others rarely if ever faint.  Our Mini Silkies will be dual registered with Mini Silkie Fainting Goat Association and MGR.  These adorable goats are primarily raised as family pets and are fast gaining popularity.