Magick Moon's First Blog Post!

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Hello!  Today I will begin a new mission by creating my first blog post.  The purpose of this post will be to share my experiences while developing new items for Magick Moon using herbs, essential oils and as many sustainable, good-for-you ingredients and components as possible.  Also, as I find new Fair Trade and locally sourced items for the Magick Moon store - here's where they will get introduced.  And last, but definitely not least, I will journal my ongoing adventures in "farm life" as Tom and I thoughtfully grow our animal family and cultivate our newly acquired acreage in the beautiful mountains of Murphy, North Carolina.


Moving right along.  Today I will talk a little bit about my monthly subscription boxes featuring all things essential oil.

Essential Oils 101 is the full size version; each month a new essential oil will be introduced along with an information card (which I hope to include here once I figure out how) and several products relating to that oil.  Already, we have met lavender, peppermint, tea tree, blood orange and palmarosa. 

Essentially Fun! is the jr. version.  It contains bath & body products made using essential oils, a kid friendly fact sheet, and a small toy or novelty item.  It really appeals to little girls - but I'm trying to keep it gender neutral.  The oil will not be included in this box because some oils can be harmful for young children if not used properly.

To learn more about the monthly boxes or to subscribe go here:


And, just for practice here is a very silly YouTube video of my son Derek "unboxing" my granddaughter's Essentially Fun! box.  Madeline is featured on the box design,  she is also the videographer.  Here you go:

Wish me luck on my new blogging/journal adventure!

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